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Sisterhood Through Habitat

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Ma, Denise Nicole, and Amy were all matched with Habitat homes, and while realizing the dream of homeownership is no small thing, something bigger is happening for these three female heads-of-household in their new neighborhood. As their homes began taking shape, a sisterhood emerged and, with it, a real sense of belonging.

Each had her own incredible journey that led to Habitat for Humanity, but what united these women from the very start is a shared goal to provide the best lives possible for their children.

Ma said “When I look at my children, I say to myself ‘I am able’. I am able to get up. I am able to go out there and face life day by day. All for my children.”

Denise Nicole shared similar motivation, “I am happy that I am able to give my kids stability and a future. I’ve worked really hard to get my finances in order so I could give them something I wanted so bad as a child – one place to call home.”

Their bond was forged as they spent their sweat equity hours together. As they built their homes, and those of their neighbors, they laid both the literal and the spiritual foundations of their new neighborhood.

Amy shared, “In the apartments you don’t get to know your neighbors. Everybody’s closed in; there’s no getting together. But since we started building our houses together, we’re already so close as a community.”

Denise Nicole echoed, “It’s not the physical labor. It is how you are building a neighborhood from the ground up.”


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Sisterhood Through Habitat 1
Sisterhood Through Habitat

When Denise Nicole celebrated her home dedication in April, the women of the neighborhood took a break from their sweat equity work to help Denise Nicole bring the vision for her special day to life. While the women were inside organizing the final details, their kids were on the lawn – laughing and playing together, fast friends even before a single box was unpacked.

The most recent example of the harmony and emerging sisterhood of this group was at the 2018 Women Build Kick Off in May. Volunteers worked alongside Amy, doing projects on her home and sharing the excitement about her upcoming dedication. Next-door, Denise Nicole was washing her car with her son Kingston in her new driveway. Soon, Ma returned from work and mingled with the Women Build volunteers, observing the progress of her future neighbor’s home. At lunch, they all gathered to eat together in the sunshine, doting over Kingston and discussing when they’d next get together.

Amy said it best, “We’re great friends already. If I think too hard about it I’m just going to cry. God put us all together; it’s an amazing feeling.”

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