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Perfect Timing

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Amy was seven years old when she first saw a commercial for Habitat for Humanity. She didn’t believe it was real until she saw a Habitat sign on the fence of a Federal Way construction site years later. Amy says she looked into the program, but the time was never quite right.

“I knew that at some point God would give me a sign that the timing was perfect.” So Amy waited and kept faith.

In November Amy moved to the Puyallup area and had trouble finding housing that fit her budget. Attending a first time home-buyer class, Amy heard about Habitat for Humanity again and decided this was her moment to apply.

Her timing was perfect- Amy submitted her application just days before Habitat’s Board of Directors met and her application was quickly approved. Within a week, Amy was at work on her sweat equity – building her new home alongside her future neighbors.

In her new neighborhood, Amy has gained so much more than a house for her family; she’s found community. Amy describes the relationship with her soon-to-be neighbors; Denise Nicole, Ma and Lanikka. “Since we started building our houses together, we’re already so close. We’re great friends already. If I think too hard about it I’m just going to cry. God put us all together; it’s an amazing feeling.”

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Amy’s kids are excited for the chance to have a brand new house, with rooms of their own. Of Amy’s five children, two still live at home: Desmin and Amaiya. They’ll get the chance to walk to school instead of riding the bus, which they are looking forward to. They’re happy to not have to worry about disturbing their downstairs neighbors as they play, and are excited that their new street has lots of kids their same ages.

The Habitat program that Amy thought about for so long has turned out to be even better than she dreamed. “My entire life, I’ve helped myself. I went to college all by myself. It always seems like everyone has their own agenda. But everyone at Habitat is really personal and friendly – especially the construction team. Everyone is so amazing!”

The timing continues to be perfect for Amy. If all goes as planned with construction, she will move into her house by the beginning of summer – just a few weeks before her lease was due to expire. It’s renewal would increase her rent by $600 each month.

“God is so amazing in so many ways.” Amy says.

Perfect Timing

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