Future Plans

Upcoming Developments

Looking to the future, there is much to be excited about as we plan continued growth and impact.



A three-home development, Canterwood is approximately one mile north of St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor. (There is no association with the country club.) Vertical construction began in June (2023), using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). These homes will all be three bedrooms, two bath and have daylight basements that lead to large backyards.

image courtesy of Airfoam (Claren Villanueva)


a rendering of what the homes at Canterwood will look like


American Lake Townhomes

American Lake Townhomes, a new development in Tillicum, will host 12 homeowners. Site and infrastructure plans are approved, and construction on the first four homes began in July (2023).  These duplex-style homes will be 3 bedroom, 2 bath units with attached garages. The other eight homes will be phased in through 2024.


wide view of an active construction site, with a poured foundation in the foreground and the beginnings of framed walls behind.



Proctor Place

Adjacent to Madison Meadow in South Tacoma, this development will include 16 homes in duplex format, a 3 unit townhome building, as well as significant road and infrastructure improvements to the area. The site plans are approved, the triplex designs are complete, and the duplex details are in the works. Horizontal construction could begin as soon as late 2023. Vertical construction is expected to begin in the Summer of 2024.