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My Habitat Story: Karen

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A retired masseuse and bus driver, Karen is a Tacoma Habitat volunteer with a special connection: Karen’s daughter Aimie recently finalized her purchase of a Habitat home

Prior to attending her daughter’s wall raising in the summer of 2022, Karen volunteered with Habitat just once, having built with a group from her church. But, since last August, Karen has become somewhat of a Regular Volunteer. Coming out twice a week, Karen has contributed over 140 volunteer hours. 

Every Habitat homeowner invests a minimum of 200 hours of volunteer labor (“sweat equity”) in the construction of their home and/or others in the neighborhood. While family members may contribute toward that investment, in the case of Aimie and Karen, that is not the case. Aimie proudly completed all 200 hours herself, having finished up in June of this year.

While Karen is excited for Aimie’s family to have a home of their own and was inspired by the wall raising, she says her family connection isn’t the reason she’s become so involved.

“This environment helps me be a better person, a lot more positive,” Karen says, noting she enjoys spending a couple of days a week somewhere with a purpose, and appreciates how invested the staff and volunteers are in the mission. “They’re so conscious of doing the best work they can.” 

But, having a hand in building her daughter’s home is really special, Karen shares. “Aimie loves that I’m here and working.”


If you would like to volunteer on the construction site or in our Stores, attending a New Volunteer Orientation is your first step. Orientations are typically offered the first Monday of every month via Zoom and you can get more information on our events calendar.

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