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AmeriCorps members submit quarterly service narratives as part of their program obligations. Last month, veteran Construction Crew Lead Lesley submitted the last report of her term, and new Construction Crew Lead Monica submitted her first. We especially loved how each member’s content echoed the other, giving differing perspective of service after just one month of service versus nearly a year. You can see the impact the Habitat community has on both individuals, no matter the length of service.


I’ve spent a lot of time in Unit 4 at Madison Meadow. It’s incredible to see how eight months ago this house was nothing but studs, and now it’s ready for a family to move in.

This house is where I learned most of the phases of construction. I worked on framing; helped put up trusses and sheath the roof; installed backing, windows and house wrap; put up white wood and siding; sealed the house; installed flooring, doors and trim; hung cabinets and installed countertops and backsplash; installed the handrail; painted and worked on landscaping.

I feel I can honestly say this is the first house that I built. Learning different tasks and doing them multiple times helped me feel confident leading a group of volunteers and answering questions. I’ve learned a lot from everyone, including the electrical instructor from Bates, which has given me a glimpse of the electrical field. Throughout my time here I’ve met a lot of great people and made good connections with Site Managers, volunteers and homeowners. Tacoma Habitat is a great community and I am glad to be part of it.


In the four weeks I’ve been with Tacoma Habitat AmeriCorps I have helped with six new homes at the Madison Meadow build site. I’ve largely been focused on the interior building phase, sealing air-flow outlets; assembling air vents; adding baseboards and trim to doors, walls and cabinets; installing cabinets, mirrors and doors; tiling bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens; and painting throughout. I’ve gotten comfortable with all of the tasks and using various tools.

The construction staff have explained things to me very patiently and with attention to detail, which has helped me pass the information on to volunteers.

Working with homeowners and learning about their journeys has helped me feel a sense of the community that will be here long after we are done. To see the warmth felt on the job site paralleled in the homeowners reinforces how worthwhile working on affordable housing is. This experience so far has made me excited for the rest of my time here.


If you or someone you love is interested in serving with Habitat AmeriCorps, you can learn more by clicking here

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