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On Saturday, October 15 the Tacoma Habitat community gathered for the final dedication at Fern Hill and to welcome Kevin and Chan home. This fourth and final home at Fern Hill is sponsored by the Master Builders of Pierce County, who contributed financially, and with materials and labor, to the construction of the home.

Director of Community Engagement, Tracey Sorenson, opened the ceremony with a welcome and provided some background on the development. Tacoma Habitat was gifted the pre-statehood homestead at Fern Hill by Chase Bank in 2014. At that time, the land held a dilapidated three-story Victorian home build in 1890 and a free-standing garage. Tacoma Fire Department burnt the old home to the ground as a training exercise in 2015 and construction at Fern Hill began in 2019 with the remodel of the garage—which remains part of Kevin and Chan’s property.

Apprentice Construction Manager Meredith Beck provided comments on the build, and offered, “We take a lot of pride in the construction of our homes and we put a lot of love into them. I want to thank our volunteers, and Master Builders for sponsoring and helping out with construction. It takes a village and here we are. It’s really exciting to finally welcome Chan, Kevin, and their daughters home.”

Tacoma Habitat’s Homeowner Services department gave a home blessing and shared symbolic gifts with the family.

Their neighbor Christina, also a Habitat homeowner, shared, “We hope you’ll love this community as much as our family does!  I know this journey has not been the easiest for you and your family. Standing here today proves your hard work and dedication has finally paid off. ”

Representing Master Builders of Pierce County, Chris Lockhart of AAA KARTAK Glass & Closet said, “I want to thank all the sponsors that came out. This is absolutely a showing of what a community can do when we come together. We appreciate the opportunity to get you guys here. It’s an honor for Master Builders to welcome you home.”

Chan addressed those gathered, “I want to thank you all for coming today and making this possible. If it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t be a dream come true for us. Our faith in this house is thanks to Master Builders, Habitat and all the volunteers that helped. We are grateful for this opportunity.”

Kevin and Chan’s neighbor Cierra provided the closing prayer. “Father God, we thank you for bringing us together today to celebrate Kevin and Chan as they embark on their new journey. We give thanks to you Lord for making this possible and ask that you claim authority over this home; protect it from the front to back, from the side to the other side. Lord, we ask that you allow your presence to be known in their home, that this family remain in faith—walking by faith and not by sight in their journey through homeownership. We ask that you help forge the relationships amongst our children. May they grow big and strong together, God. We give you thanks and praise for making this possible for this family. Amen.”


Welcome home to Chan, Kevin and their girls!

Chan & Kevin


Chan & Kevin 1

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