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Master Builders Pierce Co House

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The Master Builders Association of Pierce County is sponsoring a home in our new development in the Fern Hill district of Tacoma. Not only has the organization provided funding and donated material for the home, but crews of volunteers will be on site each Wednesday helping with construction.

The home has been matched with future homeowners Kevin and Chan, who made this statement:

 “We really appreciate and want to say thank you to Habitat for Humanity, Banner Bank, and Master Builders Association of Pierce County for giving us this opportunity. We are now home owners! We will be able to create a safe haven for our family, a place where we can continue to appreciate what we have, cherish the moments we encounter along the way – the fun, the sad, the bad, and the struggles. We can’t wait to witness the growth in our girls in our forever home. Oh, the memories we will make!”

meet the homeowners

In the spring of 2021, Chansorya (who goes by Chan) saw a Habitat for Humanity vehicle parked near a house under construction at Fern Hill when leaving her aunt’s home in the area. Recognizing immediately that Habitat homes were being built there, she and her partner Kevin decided to take a chance and apply.

While Kevin grew up in a stable home with his father and five siblings, Chan grew up with less stability. She recalls moving frequently after her parents separated when she was 5, saying “I remember always switching schools and moving.”

Kevin and Chan have been together nine years and are planning a wedding for next summer. “Kevin and I have always been a team. I fell in love with my best friend,” says Chan.

They currently live in a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, but Chan had always hoped for a five-bedroom home with two bathrooms so their four daughters—ages 7, 5, 3 and 1—don’t have to share a room or fight over the bathroom.  “When Habitat told me one of the homes at Fern Hill would have five bedrooms and two baths, I knew I had to have that house,” says Chan.

Calling it Operation Faith on Fern Hill, Chan was determined that she and Kevin would qualify for Habitat homeownership. They attended an info session in May of 2021 and then worked with Habitat’s housing counselors to eliminate $14,000 of credit card debt and refinance their car. By August, they were accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program and are now working on their sweat equity. The Master Builders House 1

The last few months have been tough. Both Chan’s and Kevin’s families have suffered multiple deaths. But then they received good news when an email came from Habitat that they’d matched with the Fern Hill home – a gift that Kevin and Chan believe came from their loved ones in heaven watching over them.

“When I told people I wanted a five-bedroom home, they told me that wasn’t a goal, it was just a dream,” says Chan. “It’s such a blessing that my dream became a reality. We did it!”


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