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Restricted Resale Homeownership

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With home costs continuing to rise while incomes lag behind, homeownership is fast becoming an impossible dream. The average home sale price in Pierce County is well above $500,000 leaving first-time home buyers priced out of the market, and very little options for moderate to low income families.

Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity aims to change that with a new homeownership model: restricted resale.

This new model provides permanent affordability, preserving the homeowners’ initial investment while also providing future generations continued access to affordable homes.

Here’s how:

  • The homeowner buys only the house—not the land—making the purchase price more affordable.
  • The land is leased by the homeowners, from Habitat, in a long-term, renewable and inheritable lease (often a 99-year term).
  • In doing so, homeowners agree to sell the home at a restricted price to an income-qualified buyer, ensuring its ongoing affordability.

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Lower sale price + resale restriction = Lower price at resale = Permanent affordability


To learn more about our homeownership program, please click here

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