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Rappelling Hotel Murano

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After the 2021 Habitat Challenge, some of our participants shared their experiences with us. Here is Christine’s perspective.

Q: What made you say “yes” to the Habitat Challenge?
A: I had never rappelled down a building before and I wanted to support a good cause.

Q: What was the hardest part? Were you scared?
A: I was initially concerned about COVID and how the social distancing/masking situation would work; but it worked out in the end. So long as people are mindful and respectful of others (which everyone was), you’re good to go!

The hardest part was going over the roof. I was incredibly scared that morning. I took the day off to take part in this event and was disappointed I woke up at 5:00 am anyway. My husband told me I was excited—which was half true —as I think I was also really nervous for some reason. Perhaps this is becoming more of a thing as I age. I ended up taking a nap and felt better; then about 2 hours before the event the nerves kicked in again. I ended up taking a double shot before lunch and then was fine. 🙂

Q: What were people’s reactions as you spread the word about rappelling?
A: They were impressed, excited to help me support Habitat, and overall very encouraging. Some of them may even consider doing it next year which is always a plus and definitely why we advertise.

Q: How did the fundraising go for you?
A: It wasn’t too bad. I initially wasn’t going to sign up because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to raise enough money in time. I’m also not big on social media so I relied heavily on my closer contacts via emailing my co-workers as well as text messaging any friends and family. I did so a few months prior and then sent another message about a month before and it went well.

Q: Did you learn anything new about yourself through the process?
A: I might be becoming more scared with things as I get older, but I am glad that I pulled through in the end. (I didn’t want to let down my donors either so I knew I had to do it so backing out was not an option for me).

I learned that word of mouth is also very effective in advertising for things. People that never knew about things that they might be interested in end up benefiting from the actual experience or simply knowing about it. Helping others is definitely something I hold close to my heart and doing something adventurous while I’m at it was great.

Q: How would you describe the experience to someone considering signing up?
A: If you enjoy adventure/trying new things and helping others in the process, this may be for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2022 Habitat Challenge, set for Friday, September 16, please visit our event website and/or check out our FAQs.
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