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Be a Habitat Hero

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You may not be able to pick up a hammer to help us build just now, but we’ve put together a list of how you can be a hero to Habitat even in this uncertain time.

  1. Live Habitat’s values by promoting partnership and volunteerism, and encouraging diversity and inclusion.
  2. Pray for families still waiting for their forever home and the opportunity of affordable homeownership – especially for those who may be facing loss of income due to this crisis.
  3. Speak up about housing injustice and inequity, recognizing that everyone deserves a decent place to call home and this pandemic may affect our housing-insecure neighbors in more severe ways.
  4. Vote to make the #CostofHome affordable. Understand candidates’ positions on improving access and affordability of housing both locally and nationwide.
  5. Be proactive about building an equitable community through your actions.
  6. Complete the 2020 Census survey! Everyone counts. Your answers inform many things, including federal funding for housing programs like Habitat for Humanity.
  7. Be optimistic, be creative, and lift up others. Habitat is built on the idea that with hard work and faith, communities can come together to help each other.
  8. Give a hand-up to a neighbor in need by making a donation in support of Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity and help us keep our commitment to families waiting for safe, stable and affordable homes.
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Be a Habitat Hero
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