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Double Home Dedication

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On May 18, Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity held a “double dedication” as neighbors Angelique and Stephanie, and their families, were welcomed home.

The two houses are referred to as “the twins” by Habitat’s construction team. The homes were built side-by-side throughout the winter and both are painted blue.

Double Home Dedication 1 Double Home Dedication 2








The homes will both be purchased by single women, each raising a family. Stephanie has two young daughters, ages 12 and 10; Angelique has a 13-year-old son.

Angelique, who found out only 12 days before the dedication that she was matched to one of the homes, said, “It’s just still so surreal. I keep talking about my house to my coworkers and they say, ‘Yes, Angelique, we know. We know you got a house.’ But I’ve been given this tremendous gift. I’m so grateful and it all feels surreal.”

Stephanie has always dreamt of owning her own home. She grew up in a house, but as a single mom, wasn’t sure homeownership was something she could achieve. Overwhelmed with emotion at the dedication, Stephanie said through tears, “I’ve met some great people through this experience, and I’m just so thankful for them – for everyone who is here. These are tears of joy.”

“Your joy is our joy,” a voice from the crowd answered. It was Todd Silver; he and his wife Teresa sponsored one of the homes.

The other “twin” is also sponsored by the Silver family – by the estate of Todd’s father, Lloyd Silver. Lloyd was the eldest of three children of Scandinavian immigrants. His father left the family when Lloyd was six years old and his beloved mother, Lena, raised Lloyd and his siblings. Lloyd attended Stadium High School and then the University of Puget Sound on the GI Bill. He married Mary Agnes Gallagher Silver and raised three children of his own: Todd, Scott, and Stacey. Lloyd passed away in 2014, leaving a legacy of generosity and funds to benefit the community.

As the ceremony wrapped, Habitat CEO, Maureen Fife said to the crowd gathered between the two houses, “We are so blessed by all of the people from all walks of life here today. Donors, sponsors, volunteers, homeowners, staff. It takes all of you to make this happen and we are grateful.”



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