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A Roof for Phyllis

in Aging in Place Home Repair

A few months ago, Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity received this email:

Hello, my name is Lia. I’m writing to ask if you can help my neighbor? She is an 84-year-old retired school teacher. She had a stroke a year ago and I found her in deplorable condition last month. I have gotten her cleaned up, to the doctor and dentist, and her house cleaned to a healthy living environment. The problem is her roof is beyond leaking. I believe the moss is the only thing holding it up. I put a tarp on the roof, but that has only slowed the leaking. Phyllis has been through so much already. She deserves to be in the home she worked so hard for for over 50 years. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

It turns out Lia’s assessment of the moss holding Phyllis’ roof up wasn’t far from the truth. With help from Achten’s Roofing, a donation of roof shingles from GAF, and a grant from Wells Fargo Foundation, Tacoma Habitat was able to get Phyllis her new roof in late February.

Shortly after the work was complete, we received this text from Lia:

I’m sorry to bother you at night, but the new roof is on and I just have to tell you how thankful we are!

The following morning, Phyllis, who is still regaining her speech, described her dilemma, “I had no way to make changes to the …. that word I can’t remember.”

Lia reminded her of the word, “roof,” and described the amazing progress Phyllis has made since her stroke. “A few months ago her speech was gibberish. She’s come so far.”

“They say it takes 5 years to learn (to speak again) but I’m not that patient,” laughs Phyllis.

For information on our Aging in Place Critical Repair Program, click here.

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