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Welcome Home Thi & Jerard

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You may recognize Thi and Jerard from our 2023 Changing Lives Luncheon, as theirs was one of our featured homeowner journeys.

After nearly two years in the Habitat homeowner program and having banked over 250 hours of sweat equity, we finally welcomed Thi and Jerard’s family home with a dedication ceremony in late September. To mark the celebration, Habitat staff and volunteers gathered in front of the newly finished home, along with house sponsors, the Klein family.

During the ceremony Jerard shared, “It’s been a long journey since we started with Habitat. It’s been a lot of work, but there’s also been a lot of people who poured in effort too. It’s encouraging too see these kinds of things happening in Tacoma, and in Pierce County and even in Vietnam, as I hear Habitat is all around the world. It’s just very much appreciated. I can’t say enough to everybody: thank you for your support.”

Eager to share her thanks, Thi added, “I so appreciate everyone for what you do for my family, for our home, and for coming here today. It’s very hard to have a house here—even when you’re saving. We tried so hard to save; we say we’re not going out, not eating out, just saving for a down payment. But it is never enough. And the landlord is always raising the rent. It is hard. The ELC at Tacoma Community College, where I work, said apply for Habitat. I did it right away, the same day. Then I met Deena and everyone. With my language and my culture, I feel behind sometimes. But you were so patient, explaining in detail, until I catch up. We are thankful for all the volunteers, and the Klein family for their sponsorship. I tell my kids, you have to learn from people about generosity. In the future, if you are successful, you help other people. So thank you.”

CEO Maureen Fife reminded everyone that Tacoma Habitat is a pay-it-forward kind of non-profit, one that doesn’t exist without community support. “Our wonderful donors, who make gifts big and small, create incredible opportunities like this one for Thi and Jerard. Thank you all!”

Congratulations, Thi and Jerard, and welcome home.


Thi and Jerard pose with their children in front of the front door of their finished home.





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