We partner with Habitat homeowners, local residents and volunteers to build strength and self-reliance for our neighborhoods, leading to successful, vibrant communities.


Habitat Connects

Strength and asset based and resident led, Habitat Connects encourages a truer sense of partnership. Rather than lifting up homeowners, staff and volunteers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with partner families to set ideas and actions in motion.

Habitat Connects supports and establishes:

  • Resident-driven sustainable leadership
  • Thriving households
  • Livable, sustainable communities

Connects offers new training opportunities and outreach programs that benefit all neighbors – not just those living in Habitat homes. The cornerstone of Habitat Connects is participatory decision making. By spending time together and hearing each other’s stories, neighbors are able to establish common values of respect, dignity, collaboration and compromise.


Habitat Connects Success Stories

The Woods at Golden Given

Habitat Connects was founded at The Woods at Golden Given, thanks to a partnership with The Russell Family Foundation.

Since its founding in 2014, the Habitat Connects board of homeowners at The Woods has accomplished:

  • Residents participated in a two-day charrette that influenced the design and function of the Common House.
  • Secured grant funding for summer tutoring, held in the community’s Common House
  • Conducted a traffic and walkability study in the area immediately surrounding the neighborhood with a grant from Pierce County.
  • Worked with with the Pomegranate Center to create artwork and build benches for placement throughout the neighborhood.
  • Resident leaders have presented about Habitat Connects at three Habitat for Humanity International Conferences.

The Pomegranate Center produced this video on their work with the Woods’ residents.


While Habitat has been building in Tillicum since 2011, Habitat Connects came to the neighborhood in 2016 and quickly took root.

  • Habiat homeowners contribute annually to the Tillicum Christmas Dinner, hosted by Youth for Christ.
  • Team Tillicum 5K – A grassroots effort by residents and community organizations, the 5K was held in September of 2017. Over 200 people participated; the largest event in living memory for Tillicum.