Building on Faith

Building on Faith volunteers at a kick-of event at Salishan in 2010.

In response to the prophet Micah’s call, Habitat for Humanity strives to create a world where everyone has a simple, decent, and safe place to live. Building on Faith is an annual celebration of the partnerships between the faith community and Habitat for Humanity. For one week each September, local Habitat affiliates and their faith partners host building events and celebrations, culminating on the International Day of Prayer.

Building on Faith needs a lot of volunteer support. For each day on the worksite we not only need volunteers to help with construction, but volunteers to help with support as well. We ask for your support in providing snack and lunch, leading devotions, and greeting volunteers on the worksite. Before the build begins we also need support in fundraising and planning this event. You are more than welcome to volunteer as a group or as an individual.