Homeowner Application Process - Update

Effective May 20, 2014 through September 30, 2014

Due to the incredible support of our community partners, we have experienced a dramatic increase in new homeowner applications. Therefore, effective immediately and through September 2014, we will not be accepting new applications. Instead we highly encourage those interested in applying for homeownership to attend one of our information meetings.

Information meetings will be held:

Thurs, June 12 @ 6pm
Thurs, July 10 @ 6pm
Thurs, Aug 14 @ 6pm
Thurs, Sept 11 @ 6pm

Anyone interested in applying for the program must attend an information meeting.

Habitat will not distribute or accept applications on a rolling basis, at least for the near future.

No applications will be fully processed until October 1, 2014. Instead, applicants may submit an inquiry form at the information meeting. The inquiry form will allow Habitat for Humanity staff to review basic information and identify potential barriers to acceptance for applicants to address while the application process is on hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the basic requirements for purchasing a Habitat home?
  • What is the difference between an inquiry form and an application?

    From May 20, 2014 to September 30, 2014 only inquiry forms will be available, not full homeownership applications. The inquiry form is only the first step of the application process and will include a credit report and criminal background check.

  • What if I submited an application before May 20, 2014?

    Families who applied prior to May 20, 2014 who have not yet received an acceptance or denial letter will be given first priority to reapply once the application process is reopened without paying the credit check fee.

  • What if I submitted an application after May 20, 2014?

    Applications received after May 20, 2014 will be treated as an inquiry form and will not be processed until after the next information meeting, and then only if one or more of the applicants attend the meeting. Processing these applications will consist of looking over the inquiry form, running credit reports, and completing criminal background checks for all members of the household age 13 and older. Applicants who pass this step will receive a letter stating that their names have been added to a potential applicant pool. Applicants who do not pass this step will receive a decline letter stating the reasons they were declined.

  • What if I receive a decline letter after submitting the inquiry form?

    The letter will state the specific reasons why you were declined. For issues with credit, Habitat will often refer you to a partner agency for coaching services.

  • Who must attend the information meeting for our application/inquiry form to be processed?

    At least one of the potential homebuyers must attend the meeting.

  • Is pre-registration necessary for the information meeting?

    No, but participants who are not present by 6:10pm will be asked to come back the following month instead.