The Woods at Golden Given

Located at 104th St E and Golden Given Rd in Parkland, The Woods at Golden Given is Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity's largest neighborhood to date. When complete, The Woods will consist of 30 homes built in partnership with low-income families in Pierce County.

About the Project

  • Single-family, cottage-style homes

    Homes at The Woods will be Energy Star certified; the neighborhood will include a central open space, a common house, and shared community amenities including playgrounds, a community garden, sporrts field, and wetland with boardwalk

  • Sustainable building practices

    Including the use of rain gardens, retention and recycling of trees, and wetland mitigation

  • Military-friendly

    Homes will be set aside for purchase by qualified Veteran and Active Duty military personnel and their families

  • Low-impact development features

    Including wetland mitigation, tree retention, storm drain improvements, and pervious pavement

  • Habitat Connects

    A grassroots leadership and environmental education program being designed and developed for residents at The Woods

  • One-year energy study

    In partnership with Tacoma Power and four other Washington utilities, this study will help determine the performance and economics of Ductless Heat Pump displacement heating systems vs. electric resistance heating systems

Significant Project Partners