Team Challenges

Gather a group of coworkers, teammates, or club members and create a team for the 2017 Habitat Challenge.

Every $1,000 raised sends another team member Over the Edge.

To set up a team, simply pay the $50 registration fee, then start inviting members. For each $1,000 your team raises, another member gets to rappel.

New! Challenge a rival to a fundraising competition and win prizes for your group!

Join the Team Challenge competition. Beyond simple bragging rights, Team Challenge winners receive recognition on our website and a treat delivered to their office, church, or meeting space. Treats may include a hot chocolate bar, mocktails, etc. 

Got a horse in the race? (Or a rappeller on the side of Hotel Murano?) Throw down your challenge today!


  1. Two or more teams must agree to the Challenge.
  2. Teams must have an affinity (e.g., dentist offices, credit unions, law firms, faith groups, etc.)
  3. Winner will be determined by average $ per Edger raised (minimum $1,500 average per Edger), allowing teams of different sizes to compete.
  4. Submit your Team Challenge no later than Friday, September 8.


Ready to register your team? Download these instructions to get started.

Register now for the 2017 Habitat Challenge!