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Gather your group of coworkers, teammates, or club members and create a team for the Habitat Challenge.

Every $1,000 raised sends another team member Over the Edge.

2016 Habitat Challenge teams

Rhubarb vs Sonics Guy in the Battle of the Mascots

Challenge a rival to a fundraising competition!

These Team Challenges added extra fun to the 2016 event:

Battle of the Banks: HomeStreet Homies vs Columbia Bank vs Wells Fargo Bouncing Bankers... Which banking team has the most spirit? 

Battle of the Runners: Tacoma Runners vs U.P. Brew Crew... We know they can run, but can they rappel?  

Battle of the Mascots: Sonics Guy vs Rhubarb... Which of these hometown heroes would the fans back in a friendly fundraiser?

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