Team Challenges

Gather a group of coworkers, teammates, or club members and create a team for the 2017 Habitat Challenge; then challenge another group to do the same.

Every $1,000 raised sends another team member Over the Edge.

To set up a team, simply pay the $50 registration fee, then start inviting members. For each $1,000 your team raises, another member gets to rappel. 

Add some fun by challenging another group to start their own team. 2016 saw banks, running groups, and mascots battling it out. What will the 2016 team challenges be?

2016 Habitat Challenge teams

Rhubarb vs Sonics Guy in the Battle of the Mascots

Challenge a rival to a fundraising competition!

These Team Challenges added extra fun to the 2016 event:

Battle of the Banks: HomeStreet Homies vs Columbia Bank vs Wells Fargo Bouncing Bankers... Which banking team has the most spirit? 

Battle of the Runners: Tacoma Runners vs U.P. Brew Crew... We know they can run, but can they rappel?  

Battle of the Mascots: Sonics Guy vs Rhubarb... Which of these hometown heroes would the fans back in a friendly fundraiser?

Ready to register your team? Download these instructions to get started.

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